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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another First Day...

Sophie is giving the first day a BIG thumbs up!!

Izzy is all smiles too!
My favorite pose...the hugging pose!!
My life calendar seems to be marked by school beginnings. You see, obviously, I went to elementary, then middle, then high school. Then I went to four years of college. School didn't stop there for me...I then became a teacher.

So, I've really never left the school rhythm or the school pace.

So, here we are, first day of school for all of us this week.
It is always an ending and a beginning all wrapped up into one.
Ending of a summer, carefree life, sweet summer plans, and the relaxed summer pace.
It is the beginning, though, of new school experiences, new opportunites, and growth.
Both are good, just different.

You'd think I'd be good at starting school since I've been doing it for 30+ years...but,
I'm still sad on the last day of summer...

I still can't sleep the night before school starts...
I still cry when I kiss my kiddos goodbye...
I still wonder what I've done with my summer...
I still start a new diet every beginning of school....(not sure when that one started)
I still feel a little sick all the way to school...
I still wonder if I'll have a friend...
Hoping this year is great for all of you who are beginning school soon!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Izzy's and Greyson Chance!!

Izzy wrote a letter for Greyson to give to him at his concert...the one in Oklahoma. Well, I had to look for another concert so that we didn't have to travel for 24 hours in one weekend. So, we went to the Illinois State Fair...about 3 and a half hours away.

A huge collage of the concert and autograph signing was excellent!

Izzy LOVING every minute of it!!

Izzy and her BFF, Keylee, dancing their hearts out!!!

Loved the smiles...the laughs...the singing at the top of our lungs...the screams...the overwhelming teenage crazies...ahhh...I loved it!