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Monday, July 25, 2011

Izzy WON!!!

yfrog Video : - Uploaded by Isabelgracegc97

Here is Izzy's winning video for tickets to the Greyson Chance Concert! I think it is pretty convincing, don't you? The video is actually better when you can see it in "real action"...for some reason, the video is skipping. Probably because it was done on an IPOD. :)

Now, the hard part...the concert that she won tickets to?
Yep, you read that right.
Oklahoma. We live in Indiana.
AND, the worst part of this is that it is on her second day of school and my FIRST day of school.

What is a Mama to do???
Oh my goodness...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Projects...

I always have a summer to-do list.

This summer is slipping by so very quickly, so I've scrunched a bunch of projects in a short amount of time!

I made this canvas with one of my all-time favorite quotes.

I loved doing it so much, I'm afraid I might be putting quotes all over my house now.

This was another great deal ...

it was an ugly brown.

So, I painted, and painted and made it pretty!
Added new knobs from World Market...(I wish you could see them better!)

I still need to paint the little legs...I just got too excited and had to get everything situated and changed around. :)

In person, it looks really beachy!

I'm thinking I can have summer in my house all year long!
Again, forgot to do the "before" pics...

how crazy is that?!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Twelve Years ago today...

Twelve years ago today, Sophie Wofie was born!
She rocked our world from the very the very best way.

Top 12 Things I've always loved about Sophie!

12. She was a cuddler from day one...and still is!

11. She has crystal clear blue/green eyes that melt your heart.

10. She is HILARIOUS without even meaning to be...

9. She had a deep, Demi Moore type of voice from 0-around 4...I still miss that sometimes.

8. She has always been a climber. To the top and beyond...EVEN as a baby!!!

7. She has always been messy...but there is so much fun to be had in a mess!

6. She has always known how to relax...

5. She connects with people on a deeper level.

4. She stands up for the underdog...even if it means that she will be left out.

3. She is an excellent songwriter...she writes from her heart!

2. She is a very genuine know exactly where you stand with her!

1. She is beautiful, charismatic, and my sweet baby girl!

Sophie's stack of presents...she woke up at 6:30 ready to open them!

In the middle of opening gifts...

One of her favorite had all of the requirements:

Happy Birthday to Sophie...I love, love, love you!!

Always have, always will!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chandelier Makeovers!!

Okay, I'm terrible at taking before and after pictures.

I LUH-VE to do makeovers, but I forget the most important part...

the pictures...

and then the sharing.

So, my story on the chandeliers that I "made-over" is that I got them at Goodwill on the half-price Saturday.

They were 4 dollars each.

They looked just like this one (typical chandeliers that builders install in newly built homes). Mine were two sizes.

Big and Ginormous. :)

That was JUST what I was looking for!

I painted the chandelier for the front porch PINK! I'm just thinking that it adds so much character to my house!

I LOVE it.

I'm pretty much a PINK person, but this is REALLY perfect for me and my girlie poos!

That was the BIG one.
Now here's the GINORMOUS guy.

LOVE him, don't you?

I painted him a TEALish/Dark AQUA color.

It's in my living room. You can't tell, but it really spruces up the place!!!

Here's another shot of the PINK on the front it looks like I need to wash the front porch siding. Nothing like "showing off" to put me in my place and give me a new job!!!

By the way, Ron, the guy who does all of my handyman-type work around my house...

when I showed him the chandeliers...

he just looked at them for a minute...

then shook his head quietly...

and said, "if that's what you want..."

I think he secretly likes them and wants one for his house. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

LOVE Riot turned Milkshake!

So, today, I took my kiddos to see my favorite band from when I lived in Baltimore: Love Riot! The girls were excited to go because they know all of their songs because they grew up listening to the CDs.
This is the Love Riot I remember:

Pretty awesome, right?
Well, the band broke up right after their biggest fan (that's me!) left Baltimore.
They started having children of their own and they have since formed the band for kids called Milkshake! They are on PBS, Discovery Kids, and have gained all kinds of popularity!
So, Izzy and Sophie went with me to see them at Eagle Creek Park in Indy.
Two band members remained the same: Lisa Matthews, the lead singer (below).
And Mikel Gehl (below) the lead guitarist!
They have super cute, upbeat happy songs for kids, like this one!
Bottle of Sunshine!

Here is what they did when we were watching...the kids that were there LOVED it!!!

We even caught some sunshine on our blanket!

Here are my two sunshines!

(We left Sunshine, the dog, at home...good thing, that could have been confusing for her!)

All in all: Great concert.

So what if we were the oldest family there... we had SUNNY attitudes! :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Grocery Goodness Mission...

Well, Izzy and I set out today to do some guerrilla goodness at the grocery store!
(If you are unsure what guerilla goodness is, Click on the link to my friend, Patience's website (the inventor of GG) which explains guerrilla goodness perfectly.)
We grabbed a pad of post-it notes, our favorite Sharpies, and headed out. We gabbed and giggled the whole way about how fun this was going to be because we didn't want to get caught, but we DID want to get pictures!! So, we started by ambushing some of the cars in the parking lot...
This post-it note says: Every little gonna be alright (I think!)

Then, we headed inside...we thought "sweet peas" were a perfect place to put our next note!

And, how about the unexpected places?! :)

And then this one was right out in the open!

Izzy was helping me think of great things to put on these post-its!

We left about 20 notes around the grocery, and then we headed to the hospital parking lot. We put more notes on the driver's side windows of several cars. Keep in mind, though, we live in a small town. SO, everywhere we went, we KNEW someone. When we were in the grocery, we knew all of the checkers in each lane...personally. When we arrived in the hospital parking lot, we saw a neighbor and a, even though this doesn't seem like a difficult stealth "mission," it truly was one!

We had to channel the inner Charlie's Angels in each of us...

the adrenaline rush was excellent too!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July at the DUNES!!

We spent the 4th at Indiana Dunes State Park.
(I think the rest of Indiana had the same idea!!)
So much for originality.
It did not take away from our perfect day at the beach!
Evan (the one who's buried) ALWAYS asks to be buried.
He's insistent until the other kiddos oblige.
They always bury him...and he can never understand why he has so much sand in his pants!
Izzy giving Sophie a piggy-back ride in the water! LOVE the smiles!

If you look really closely at the horizon, you can see the Chicago skyline.

Izzy always makes a comfy seat/reading spot out of sand...this is her 4th of July recliner!
What an incredible day!

Perfect in every way!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blindfolded Makeovers...

Blindfolded Makeover.
Can those two words together EVER be a good thing?
Here are the results of the blindfolded makeovers of Sophie and her friend Hana!
Creative, I'll give them that...the giggles that were coming from upstairs were the best!
Here is Sophie...

Here they are together. I love Sophie's smile and Hana's eyes!!
Remember when you had the time, energy, and spontaneity to do something like blindfolded makeovers? Hoping you find the time, energy and spontaneity to do something outrageous in your life today!