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Saturday, July 9, 2011

LOVE Riot turned Milkshake!

So, today, I took my kiddos to see my favorite band from when I lived in Baltimore: Love Riot! The girls were excited to go because they know all of their songs because they grew up listening to the CDs.
This is the Love Riot I remember:

Pretty awesome, right?
Well, the band broke up right after their biggest fan (that's me!) left Baltimore.
They started having children of their own and they have since formed the band for kids called Milkshake! They are on PBS, Discovery Kids, and have gained all kinds of popularity!
So, Izzy and Sophie went with me to see them at Eagle Creek Park in Indy.
Two band members remained the same: Lisa Matthews, the lead singer (below).
And Mikel Gehl (below) the lead guitarist!
They have super cute, upbeat happy songs for kids, like this one!
Bottle of Sunshine!

Here is what they did when we were watching...the kids that were there LOVED it!!!

We even caught some sunshine on our blanket!

Here are my two sunshines!

(We left Sunshine, the dog, at home...good thing, that could have been confusing for her!)

All in all: Great concert.

So what if we were the oldest family there... we had SUNNY attitudes! :)

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