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Friday, July 30, 2010

Smiles Continued...

This is Izzy...she is happy...smiley...interested...peaceful...creative...and, well...lovely! I've told her since she was little that her eyes day she came home from school...sad...because she told someone at lunch that her mama said her eyes sparkle...and they couldn't see it. How could they not see it? Well, the cute hat just makes them more sparkley to me!!!
This is Izzy at the Purdue Science Fair...she was all smiles...she didn't realize she would be oh-so-hungry waiting for the judges for 4 hours!!! She remained positive...and Stain 'B Gone won honorable mention! :) We pigged out on the way home...

This is a rare moment...Izzy relaxed and feeling free!! This was the first Saturday of the summer at the art fair in Lafayette...we worked at the information booth at the fair...but we also relaxed!! I love, love, love this beauty...seeing this picture makes me need to drop everything and go give her HUGS!!!

Smiles of Mine...

This is Sophie...she is so funny...emotional...hilarious...animated...and, well... lovely. Today, a friend of mine whom I hadn't seen for awhile saw her performing with the theatre group that she is a part of and she said, "Sophie looks and acts JUST LIKE YOU!!" Well, I'm not sure that is totally true (I haven't done this pose lately--but it is creative!). Miss Sophia Leigh has stolen my heart! I'm always, always, always rooting for Sophie!! This is my very favorite picture of Sophie recently. Just look at those eyes...her perfect features...LOVE this photo...she has begun taking guitar out Taylor Swift...she has lots of heart!

The Weepies "Hideaway"

The Weepies have a happy ironic...but so sweet!

#16--Try a New restaurant

So, a new restaurant that I've driven by in West Lafayette, IN a bunch of times...(actually it has been when I'm leaving Chipotle!)...I thought this was going to be a big salad bar type of restaurant. It was, but it was SUSHI SALAD instead of lettuce, etc. I am hooked...of course, my first thought was how can I make this at home so that I can have it every night for dinner?! Then, I decided to just sit back and enjoy all of the yummy tastes...there were three sauces that they served with the sushi salad...a sweet and sour, wasabi, and a spicy something. I highly recommend Greensprout to everyone...but Pahleeese take me with you! Number 16 on my 22 before 44 list...done!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

THE SEGWAY...number seven on my list...check!

The segway ride was excellent! I LOVE, love, loved it and was so sad that our short affair ended after only a few hours! First of all, check out the coolio helmet that I got to wear! It was all funky with flowers all over it...just totally set the tone for the great tour!

Our tour guide, Brian (sitting here chatting with us), said that segway withdrawal might occur for the remainder of the did...he was right. But now, I look back on our relationship with only fond memories.

We had a brilliant tour of Chicago's to see numerous wedding pictures being taken and qincenierra (I know I probably spelled that all wrong--sorry) pictures too!!

Here is SUE, the field museum's dino (by the way, did you know that the field museum is where Night at the museum was filmed???) I didn't...until the SEGWAY tour!

Finally, here is a picture from, hmmm...what was that island called...oh, I'm so bad with was some cool island that isn't really an island...oh well, the views were pretty the way, can you see the heat in the picture??? I can still feel it when I look at the photo!

So, for the record...number seven on my list of 22 before 44...check!!

22 Before 44!

You might be wondering why I'm not ambitious enough to do 44 things before I'm 44, right? The answer is simple...(say it with a whine) "I started late...!" So, without further explanation, I made a list of 22 things to accomplish before I'm 44. Here they are!

  1. Organize and set up the garage as a studio space

  2. Sew a book cover (I haven't attempted one...but I think they make a book so darned cute!)

  3. Paint the laundry area of the basement (it is the most used and cruddiest part)

  4. Redo my craft room (ORGANIZE is the key word here!)

  5. Plant something

  6. Try something new

  7. Ride a segway

  8. Lose 37 pounds

  9. Go see live music

  10. Start painting the chairs and stools that I have collected

  11. Make the magnets that I've had brewing in my mind for years

  12. Exercise

  13. Do yoga

  14. Take a picture each week (or many!)

  15. Find a good skin/face lotion

  16. Try a new restaurant

  17. Try three new recipes with the girlie-poos (those are my daughters, Izzy and Sophie)

  18. Have a party

  19. Cut fabric for "memory quilts" for the girls

  20. Take a class (finished with my masters...looking to take a personal interest class!)

  21. Keep a journal with me at all times AND write in it!

  22. Keep house clean for one week straight (I'm most worried about this definition of clean is wavering--is that a bad sign?)

So, you can see that it is ambitious, but manageable. I will be 44 in October.

I want to document the process with photos, so I will post the pictures as I check things off. I'm going to make a book of the 22 things too...uh-oh...does that mean that it is actually 23 things?

On my list tonight...get a good night's sleep!

Love ya!

Takin' Care of Business...

I always feel like I have to get things organized before I can let go and be creative...SO, today was a "gettin' things done" kind of day! Although it wasn't exciting, the feeling of sorting, purging, moving, cleaning, dusting really makes me feel accomplished in a "mom" sort of way. The house looks mediocre at best, but it FEELS excellent... like a a BIG diet coke from Milky Way on a hot summer day...Oh...I had that too!

Things accomplished today:
  • Washed a MOUNTAIN of dishes
  • Took out the trash (which was HUGE this time because Izzy and Soph and I deep-cleaned their room recently)
  • Loaded up the car and took over 16 bags of things to Goodwill
  • Found toys to give one of our favorite itty-bitties (Molly)
  • Registered my new car at the BMV
  • Stripped the wallpaper from my BFF's bathroom (I will take before and after pictures...well, shoot...maybe in-between and after pictures)
  • With Izzy's help, did 3 loads of laundry
  • Cleaned out the utility sink (I'm not sure if that had been done...ever!)
  • Took loads of books, tubs, and all kinds of other clutter to the basement for future deliberation
  • Picked 14 cucumbers and 6 peppers from the garden
  • Helped Sophie decorate a messenger bag...ROCK-ON Sophie!!
  • Shopped for groceries to take on VACATION, which begins on Saturday!!
  • Lost and then found my flip-flops about five times today!
  • Walked the dog, watered plants, paid some bills

All in all...took care of business!

Happy sigh...