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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

THE SEGWAY...number seven on my list...check!

The segway ride was excellent! I LOVE, love, loved it and was so sad that our short affair ended after only a few hours! First of all, check out the coolio helmet that I got to wear! It was all funky with flowers all over it...just totally set the tone for the great tour!

Our tour guide, Brian (sitting here chatting with us), said that segway withdrawal might occur for the remainder of the did...he was right. But now, I look back on our relationship with only fond memories.

We had a brilliant tour of Chicago's to see numerous wedding pictures being taken and qincenierra (I know I probably spelled that all wrong--sorry) pictures too!!

Here is SUE, the field museum's dino (by the way, did you know that the field museum is where Night at the museum was filmed???) I didn't...until the SEGWAY tour!

Finally, here is a picture from, hmmm...what was that island called...oh, I'm so bad with was some cool island that isn't really an island...oh well, the views were pretty the way, can you see the heat in the picture??? I can still feel it when I look at the photo!

So, for the record...number seven on my list of 22 before 44...check!!


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