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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

22 Before 44!

You might be wondering why I'm not ambitious enough to do 44 things before I'm 44, right? The answer is simple...(say it with a whine) "I started late...!" So, without further explanation, I made a list of 22 things to accomplish before I'm 44. Here they are!

  1. Organize and set up the garage as a studio space

  2. Sew a book cover (I haven't attempted one...but I think they make a book so darned cute!)

  3. Paint the laundry area of the basement (it is the most used and cruddiest part)

  4. Redo my craft room (ORGANIZE is the key word here!)

  5. Plant something

  6. Try something new

  7. Ride a segway

  8. Lose 37 pounds

  9. Go see live music

  10. Start painting the chairs and stools that I have collected

  11. Make the magnets that I've had brewing in my mind for years

  12. Exercise

  13. Do yoga

  14. Take a picture each week (or many!)

  15. Find a good skin/face lotion

  16. Try a new restaurant

  17. Try three new recipes with the girlie-poos (those are my daughters, Izzy and Sophie)

  18. Have a party

  19. Cut fabric for "memory quilts" for the girls

  20. Take a class (finished with my masters...looking to take a personal interest class!)

  21. Keep a journal with me at all times AND write in it!

  22. Keep house clean for one week straight (I'm most worried about this definition of clean is wavering--is that a bad sign?)

So, you can see that it is ambitious, but manageable. I will be 44 in October.

I want to document the process with photos, so I will post the pictures as I check things off. I'm going to make a book of the 22 things too...uh-oh...does that mean that it is actually 23 things?

On my list tonight...get a good night's sleep!

Love ya!

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