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Friday, July 30, 2010

#16--Try a New restaurant

So, a new restaurant that I've driven by in West Lafayette, IN a bunch of times...(actually it has been when I'm leaving Chipotle!)...I thought this was going to be a big salad bar type of restaurant. It was, but it was SUSHI SALAD instead of lettuce, etc. I am hooked...of course, my first thought was how can I make this at home so that I can have it every night for dinner?! Then, I decided to just sit back and enjoy all of the yummy tastes...there were three sauces that they served with the sushi salad...a sweet and sour, wasabi, and a spicy something. I highly recommend Greensprout to everyone...but Pahleeese take me with you! Number 16 on my 22 before 44 list...done!

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