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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Takin' Care of Business...

I always feel like I have to get things organized before I can let go and be creative...SO, today was a "gettin' things done" kind of day! Although it wasn't exciting, the feeling of sorting, purging, moving, cleaning, dusting really makes me feel accomplished in a "mom" sort of way. The house looks mediocre at best, but it FEELS excellent... like a a BIG diet coke from Milky Way on a hot summer day...Oh...I had that too!

Things accomplished today:
  • Washed a MOUNTAIN of dishes
  • Took out the trash (which was HUGE this time because Izzy and Soph and I deep-cleaned their room recently)
  • Loaded up the car and took over 16 bags of things to Goodwill
  • Found toys to give one of our favorite itty-bitties (Molly)
  • Registered my new car at the BMV
  • Stripped the wallpaper from my BFF's bathroom (I will take before and after pictures...well, shoot...maybe in-between and after pictures)
  • With Izzy's help, did 3 loads of laundry
  • Cleaned out the utility sink (I'm not sure if that had been done...ever!)
  • Took loads of books, tubs, and all kinds of other clutter to the basement for future deliberation
  • Picked 14 cucumbers and 6 peppers from the garden
  • Helped Sophie decorate a messenger bag...ROCK-ON Sophie!!
  • Shopped for groceries to take on VACATION, which begins on Saturday!!
  • Lost and then found my flip-flops about five times today!
  • Walked the dog, watered plants, paid some bills

All in all...took care of business!

Happy sigh...

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