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She sort of scatterbrained, but has very good intentions. 

She forgets to send birthday cards, but thinks of the person non stop for an entire week.

She stays up way too late, therefore, she has a HUGE aversion to mornings.

She cries at happy things with way more intensity than she cries at sad things.

What she really wants in life is for everyone to just "get along."

She eats chocolate late at night and wonders why she can't lose weight.

She is afraid of people not liking her, but would love to just not care about it. 

She dreams of living in a quaint cottage on the beach...for now it is just a cottage.

She doesn't want anyone to know, but she forgives very easily.

She loves to cook, but never takes the time for it. 

She wants to learn to sew a zipper into something, then she'd feel as though she really knows how to sew.

She can walk all day and never tire--miles and miles...if she's in a big city and has something to see! 

She is a city girl at heart...always has been.

She is goofy, and gets her feelings hurt more easily than she'd like to admit. 

She throws her clothes on the floor when she's done wearing them. 

She changes the furniture around...a lot!

She likes the idea of journals, but rarely takes time to write in one. 

She worries that someone might read her journals and then judge her.

She loves reality tv...the bachelor, dancing with the stars, american idol, design star, project runway...

She is addicted to Diet Coke...not pepsi...and She knows the difference!

She would like to plan weddings...but not her own.

She sneezes when she's trying to hold back tears.

She would like to change the world...but she'll settle for her little corner.

She is very intuitive, and she wishes she'd trust her intuitions more.

She is happy.

She is kind.

She has never owned a dishwasher, and it doesn't even bother her.

She never charges her cell phone.

She loves words...they are all over her house...
in pictures, mosaics, artwork, even things the girls make for her.

She attended five consecutive shows of Charlotte's Web and cried every single time Charlotte died.

She loves pink peonies, they are her favorite flower, but because no one REALLY knows how to say it---is it PEE-own-EASE, pennies, or pee-OWN-ease?---She just tells people her second favorite---daisies.

Every night as she's drifting off to sleep,
(fighting the dog for space in the bed) she thanks God for Isabel's sweet spirit and Sophie's spunky attitude...and she also puts in a plea for Isabel to have some of Sophie's spunkiness and for Sophie to have some of Izzy's kindness.

She only likes movies with happy endings---otherwise, she feels they are a waste of her time.

She misses the characters in books that she reads...She wants the book to continue on and on...She finds herself wondering about the they are things are working out for them...

She collects the black, flat, smooth stones that she finds when she visits The Dunes at Lake Michigan.

She loves that she has a friend that she can call ten times a day and she always listens and then responds the right way...annoyed if she's annoyed...happy if she's happy...:)

She wilts around criticism, negativity, and judgements.

She loves to sew, but patterns mess her up.

When she's restless, she changes the furniture around---or paints the room---or both. :)

She's really good at imitating people...not in a bad way---but it HAS been troublesome a time or two for her immature days. :)

She loves the way that a familiar song takes her right to a moment...and in that moment, there's always a person helping her hold that memory.

She loves banana ice cream from Handel's in Westfield, IN.

She doesn't like when people try to fix things for her...she usually just needs for someone to listen.

She's a big believer in hope...


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