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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July at the DUNES!!

We spent the 4th at Indiana Dunes State Park.
(I think the rest of Indiana had the same idea!!)
So much for originality.
It did not take away from our perfect day at the beach!
Evan (the one who's buried) ALWAYS asks to be buried.
He's insistent until the other kiddos oblige.
They always bury him...and he can never understand why he has so much sand in his pants!
Izzy giving Sophie a piggy-back ride in the water! LOVE the smiles!

If you look really closely at the horizon, you can see the Chicago skyline.

Izzy always makes a comfy seat/reading spot out of sand...this is her 4th of July recliner!
What an incredible day!

Perfect in every way!

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