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Friday, July 8, 2011

Grocery Goodness Mission...

Well, Izzy and I set out today to do some guerrilla goodness at the grocery store!
(If you are unsure what guerilla goodness is, Click on the link to my friend, Patience's website (the inventor of GG) which explains guerrilla goodness perfectly.)
We grabbed a pad of post-it notes, our favorite Sharpies, and headed out. We gabbed and giggled the whole way about how fun this was going to be because we didn't want to get caught, but we DID want to get pictures!! So, we started by ambushing some of the cars in the parking lot...
This post-it note says: Every little gonna be alright (I think!)

Then, we headed inside...we thought "sweet peas" were a perfect place to put our next note!

And, how about the unexpected places?! :)

And then this one was right out in the open!

Izzy was helping me think of great things to put on these post-its!

We left about 20 notes around the grocery, and then we headed to the hospital parking lot. We put more notes on the driver's side windows of several cars. Keep in mind, though, we live in a small town. SO, everywhere we went, we KNEW someone. When we were in the grocery, we knew all of the checkers in each lane...personally. When we arrived in the hospital parking lot, we saw a neighbor and a, even though this doesn't seem like a difficult stealth "mission," it truly was one!

We had to channel the inner Charlie's Angels in each of us...

the adrenaline rush was excellent too!

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