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Monday, July 18, 2011

Chandelier Makeovers!!

Okay, I'm terrible at taking before and after pictures.

I LUH-VE to do makeovers, but I forget the most important part...

the pictures...

and then the sharing.

So, my story on the chandeliers that I "made-over" is that I got them at Goodwill on the half-price Saturday.

They were 4 dollars each.

They looked just like this one (typical chandeliers that builders install in newly built homes). Mine were two sizes.

Big and Ginormous. :)

That was JUST what I was looking for!

I painted the chandelier for the front porch PINK! I'm just thinking that it adds so much character to my house!

I LOVE it.

I'm pretty much a PINK person, but this is REALLY perfect for me and my girlie poos!

That was the BIG one.
Now here's the GINORMOUS guy.

LOVE him, don't you?

I painted him a TEALish/Dark AQUA color.

It's in my living room. You can't tell, but it really spruces up the place!!!

Here's another shot of the PINK on the front it looks like I need to wash the front porch siding. Nothing like "showing off" to put me in my place and give me a new job!!!

By the way, Ron, the guy who does all of my handyman-type work around my house...

when I showed him the chandeliers...

he just looked at them for a minute...

then shook his head quietly...

and said, "if that's what you want..."

I think he secretly likes them and wants one for his house. :)

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