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Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's all perspective...

After making my kids watch Secret Millionaire with me, we had a discussion on homelessness.

Sophie: "If that were me, I would go get a job...and a place to live."
Izzy: "They can't."

Sophie: "But----"

Me: "Sometimes it's hard to convince people that you are a determined, hardworking person when you're homeless."

Sophie: "Well----"

Izzy: "He did it in The Pursuit of Happyness." [Our all-time favorite movie]

Me: "Yes, but that was just a movie...sometimes..."

Sophie: "It's easy... you just fill out the job application..."

Me: "But they ask you...what your last job was...what have you been doing that shows that you are a hard worker...that type of thing..."

Sophie: "Well, I would just tell them...I'm making my come-back!"

There it is, folks...easier than we might have thought...but what a great perspective...when you're down on your luck and people are questioning you about it, just tell them...

I'm making my comeback!

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