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Monday, September 6, 2010


Number 22 on the list...Keep the house clean all week!
Well, no one thought it could be done....and I'll admit, I had my doubts too!
I did it.
I kept the house relatively clean ALL week!!
Here's proof...Sunday night at midnightish!

Okay, now...I've had my share of things to deal with this week...someone gave Sophie a popcorn popper for free at a yard sale...I heard popping, but found that Sophie was nowhere to be found...she was in the bathroom...when you have to have to go...meanwhile, popcorn was popping out all over everywhere!!! :) A fun memory is better than a clean house, right?
Lesson from this week: A clean house is overrated...and kind of hard to do...memories are more fun to make and sustain! Anyway...we all made it and we lived to tell about it. I'm not sure it is good for the family when I'm serious about keeping things clean, that's all I'm saying.

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