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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Number 9 (LIVE MUSIC)...checked off in August!

When I lived in Baltimore, I had a favorite local band...Love Riot. My weekend was perfect if I found that they were playing somewhere local! The members were cool, the music was rich, and the whole experience was heady. Ahh...great memories!!

So, it is no surprise that number nine on my list of 22 things was to go see live music. Well, I actually thought I'd go to a bar in Indy to hear a new band, but I did something even better!! I went to Lillith Fair in Chicago!

There were many performers, but here is Mary J. eloquently smooth!!!
Sarah Mclaughlin singing..."I will remember you...." sing along..."in the arms of the angel..." Such a hauntingly beautiful voice...

The very cool thing was that I bought lawn tickets...(yes, I cheaped out)...and some guy came up to me and my bff and told us that we could have tickets that were right up about the 12th row!!! We took them...and that, my friends, is how we have such great pictures of Sarah and the finale!

A great band experience (peformances by Heart, Courtyard Hounds --The old Dixie Chicks, and several others!!)...I'm going to put that on my list for next year too! :)

Incidentally, Love Riot is no longer a band...well, some of the members are a new band...called Milkshake. :) They are good too, but it just isn't the same.

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