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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chicago happenings

Can you believe how awesome our room was from HOTWIRE??? It was ginormous...and that is always good when you have girls and outfits and hair and late night snacking... Left to Right:

  1. The Grand Lux yummy/awesome! We even got a seat right there in that window was cozy...warm...and yummy.

  2. The next picture is a view of the gardens on the tops of the neighboring buildings. We also spied on the people in the other buildings and made up names and stories for them. Some of the names included...Shelly, Kathy, Ribsy, and Grandpa Joe. I won't even get into the fabulous stories that were invented about them!

  3. The room again...with a MURPHY bed!! :)

  4. Sophie standing in front of the coolest lightbulb fixture/exhibit at Urban Outfitters. So illuminating, don't you think?

Can't LOVE Chicago enough...I think I will live there one day!

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