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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Closet...the big reveal! new closet! I'm in heaven...I have a place for has made each day sunnier, my smile a bit wider, and my daily "what am I gonna wear" virtually non-existent!
Looking to the left in my new closet, you will see a place for long hanging clothes and a huge shelf for blankets! LOVE that...I even have a step stool in my closet so I can reach those blankets without all of them crashing on my head. In fact, I just did that today!

If you look to the right, there is a place for tops and sweaters (on top) and pants and skirts (on bottom). I even had space to put a filing cabinet, but I'm not even sure I need it anymore...Ahhh...the luxury of taking my time deciding!

If you follow the wall on down on the right, you will see a bright sunny window, hats, jewelry hanging, more shelves for various things that a girl might need...and of course, flowers in the window and a picture of her sweeties in the window!

Following the wall around to the left...ginormous shelves. They weren't exactly in my original plan, but they were part of the back kitchen hallway. I decided to keep them in my closet and just deal with them...a very wise decision because I'm lovin' 'em!

Anyway, folks, that was the big is what I spent the first two weeks of summer suffering through (very messy) and the past couple of weeks cleaning up from (again, very messy)!

Admission: sometimes, I just go and stand in my closet...and I was a very good idea. :)

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