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Monday, June 13, 2011

New Closet...

For the past three or four summers, I've spent all of my saved money on necessary fixes for my house.


One year, I had electricity wired to the garage, new garage doors and windows, and the dirt floors became nice new concrete!


One year, I replaced the creaking, bowing front porch floor with concrete and added new columns and railings.


Last year, I had my bathroom completely gutted and everything...walls, plumbing, tub, faucets, linen closet, toilet, and best of all, black and white tile floors. You name it, it was new.


I also had a new closet built in Sophie's was excellent...roomy, bright (light was installed too), and I was jealous.

This year, it's MY TURN! YAYYYYyyyyy....I'm knocking the wall out of my closet and extending it about four feet longer and wider than it originally was! I'm just about to roll around in it right now, and it isn't even close to finished. (I'd get all dusty if I did, but I'm not sure it really matters). It is gonna be roomy, beautiful, and all mine! I will have room to store everything in my closet! Here are my pictures so far!

BEFORE of my closet:

BEFORE of the back hallway where my closet will soon be extended to!!

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