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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

JET SKI day!!!

Well, the Jet Ski day was the HIT of the vacation! We ALL loved it...we ALL felt the need for SPEED! :) This first picture is of the three of us returning the Jet ski...
Lori, Evan, and Conner are showing their happiness factor...Conner COULDN'T pose any other way...he was too elated! You can see the happy in Evan's smile too!

Here are the three of us! We had a blast...don't let Sophie's sad look fool you! There was a huge swing at the jet ski place and she had just fallen off of all bruised up...seems her little hiney was slippery on the swing! :( We live and we learn...don't you just hate that?!
The funniest thing that happened while we were on the jet ski was when I took a turn kind of fast...Sophie threw her hands up when she was screaming and laughing and she flew off of the jet ski...I knew she was gone immediately...I was only hearing one giggle instead of two! SO fun! She loved it! Izzy worried about her the rest of the time..."HOLD on, Sophie!!!"

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