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Thursday, August 19, 2010

More beach fun...

The sand castle in progress...It wouldn't be an "Izzy" castle without PEACE! :)
Izzy is putting the finishing touches on it...complete with a peace sign and rock was excellent!
Izzy relaxed in the comfort of her castle and read one of the books from the Percy Jackson series! That was her book series for the summer of 2010!
It's what we did each some point...never got rocks to discover, games to make up, waves to ride, castles to create, sand pictures to draw, books to devour, plums to savor, meanders to take...and Vitamin D to soak in!!!

This picture is of a rock shaped like a heart...we always look for them...I just happened to have my camera with me when we spotted this one!

We happened upon a girl one night who was very intently sculpting sand...she was only about 10, but she made some excellent pictures in the sand! This one is a happy octopus...pretty great, huh?
This one (made by the same girl) is an alligator!
Izzy drew all kinds of pictures in the sand...this is just one of the many!!!
This is a "drip castle" that looked WAY cool in person...

Those were some of the day-in, day-out beachy things we did...tomorrow, I will post a picture of the cutest sculpture that we came across! Look forward to it...SO cute!!
Tomorrow I'm back to work from my luxurious, lovely summer. So many quotes are running through my head..."all good things must come to an end," "it's better to have loved (summer) and lost, rather than to not have loved at all," "there's always next summer"...but the quote that is most appropriate for this situation is simple: "Whaaaaaaaaaaa."

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