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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Overcast Day...

This is a picture from last year...
we plan on seeing the sunset at some point...
I need a new sunset pic!
Well, today is Wednesday...and it is our first overcast day! We have opted to go to the shops, the library (which is why I'm posting again), and possibly on a Duck ride! As we were just shopping the shops of Douglas, I ran into my friend from high school, Steve. He was closing a shop (one that I always go to and love) to make a delivery. I will call him later tonight so that we can meet up again! Got to give him a hug and introduce him to my BFF and my Izzy. So, that is it for pics because I'm not uploading right now...waiting until I get home!
Favorite things I saw at the shops:
  • Dream journal for Izzy (she LOVES to remember her dreams!!)
  • Book journal for Lori...record books you've read (she can't ever remember if she's read a book or not!)
  • Sign that says: Who are these kids and why do they keep calling me mom?!
  • Rocks with great words on them...inspire, love, peace, hope...etc.
  • Little craft that I can do...
  • Magnetic words...enjoy...sweet...etc.
  • Shower losenge that is aroma therapy for headaches, good feelings, etc.
  • Amy Butler cute
  • Church windows that are primitive, but lovely
  • Copper sculpture for the yard that spins...sooo cute, but it is 975 dollars, so I won't be bringing it home...
  • Picture with about 20 doors...when we commented on it, the owner of the store told us that she had taken all of the pictures when she went to Italy a year ago...then put them together on a was even better once we knew the story had happy written all over it!!
    ENJOY TODAY...I will be!!!

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